From the first meeting, we expressed strongly the discomfort that we feel on being part of the art world and the position to which he relegated us like artists and human beings. 

Our choice not forced nor motivated by the ambitions of becoming one day rich and famous, was strongly influenced by the possibility to express ourselves freely, only for love of communication and sharing. 

A love and a sharing that we have unfortunately not found. 

We met instead, individualism, competition and also "professionals" who in one way or another, have tried to manage or manipulate our information. 

Currently, we face confrontation with a dictatorial and demanding market that claims the complete submission of the artist and his work to then offer him the opportunity to present its information, reviewed and corrected. 

We wrote this manifesto to denounce all that. 

Find again our independence through exhibitions organized outside official channels or not if there will be the desire for changing and information sharing, which is the only chance for a healthy and democratic society growth.


The Manifesto, announces the birth of a movement, the Movement Brut (return to origins).


Comment devenir membre et participer aux activités du mouvement.


How to register and participate in the activities of the movement.


Come iscriversi e partecipare alle attività del movimento.

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