The artist possesses a multitude of ways to communicate and in spite of that; information is often poor, corrupt, or nonexistent.

Due to a demanding market, the artist is instigated to compromise to occupy an exhibition space, with the hope that its product could be accepted so to allow him to continue his research.

It is clear that accepting a compromise, means losing a part of our selves, to give up its own information to adopt another, implies "selling out our selves" but it doesn’t matter, what counts is to be part of the system, to get into it, even if one day it will crush us all.

We do not agree there is why the need for this movement, we believe that things can change, we must believe it, any way, it is better to try than to resign. 


Comment devenir membre et participer aux activités du mouvement.


How to register and participate in the activities of the movement.


Come iscriversi e partecipare alle attività del movimento.

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